What are the 3 most effective ways to generate self-paying clients?

This is a GREAT question sent by one of our readers, Daniel.  Let me take my best shot at this!

#3 Focus your marketing strategies on those who are in a better position to self-pay.

When I spent the first 14 or so years with a 100% private pay private practice, I made sure the bulk of my marketing efforts were to referral sources who served those who could afford to private pay.

This is certainly not meant to be elitist or exclusionary.  It is all about the law of averages.  Your chances of finding stars increases when you look for them at night.

#2 Provide services that are not so reliant on insurance reimbursement.

Offer online options (most insurance won’t pay unless sessions are face-to-face in the office), group therapy, workshops, and ancillary services (you know those things you can do to take your practice beyond “dollars for hours”)

And… last, but not least — and certainly MOST IMPORTANT —

#1 Build a reputation that screams “value”.

If you provide a great service and people know that and are talking about it, insurance often becomes a secondary issue.  Every week I get calls from new clients whose insurance I don’t take.  And, every week, the majority of those clients tell me that they still want to see me because they trust the referral and/or they’ve heard of my work.

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  1. Lela /Reply

    Hi Dr. Legge,

    I would like to know how much you charge for consultation or mentoring. Thanks

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      Lela — Click on the “Coaching Options” page tab at the top of the website. There you will find more information, and you will find the Coaching Application. Fill out the application and send it to me. This will help me to better understand your goals and expectations. I’ll let you know which services can best help you achieve your goals. Thanks for asking!

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