Don’t set your New Year’s goals until you read this!

What goals do you have for your private practice?  After all, it is the New Year and goals are what it’s all about — right?

My guess is that “getting more clients” might be #1, #2, AND #3 on your list.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that (note the Seinfeld humor) — but you might be surprised when I tell you that “getting more clients” might not even belong on the “A” List this year!

You might just get better results if you focus on the real “A” List this year — your list of OBJECTIVES.  Your list of goals is important, but it doesn’t mean squat if you don’t work your list of objectives.

When you put “getting more clients” at the top of your list of goals, you might get fixed on that goal, start measuring your success prematurely, and then give up too soon.  For example, you might look at that goal (“getting more clients”) and every time you have an opening in your book or you have a day with no clients  you might determine that you are not achieving your top goal, therefore you are a failure and it is time to jump ship and go to work for someone else again.

Now that’s an ugly neighborhood for your mind to travel.

How about trying something new this year?  How about making your list of OBJECTIVES?  Remember that goals are broad intentions and objectives are precise.

Here are 10 ideas for New Year’s Objectives that just might help you to “get more clients”…

  • Identify one new potential referral source (including insurance companies) each week and make contact (phone, email, mail)
  • Each week, write at least one blog post for your blog and/or one article for your next newsletter
  • Distribute your blog and/or newsletter on a regular basis
  • Make 5 follow-up calls/emails/contacts each month to referral sources you’ve contacted in the past and have not heard from yet
  • Find a way to thank each of your referral sources on at least a quarterly basis
  • Attend at least two trainings or conferences this year to keep you inspired and fresh
  • Volunteer your time (at least once per quarter) to speak at an event/meeting, work a health fair, or anything that might get your name out there while helping others
  • Set up an RSS feed and start getting news about your target market and niche services so you know what is happening and so you can continue to be an expert in your field (if you don’t know how to do this, here’s a pretty good resource:
  • Send a thank you letter and copy of your initial assessment for every client you are able to share with other health professionals
  • Keep track of your referrals — if you don’t know where your clients are coming from, you don’t know where they are not coming from (and knowing this can help you with the first objective on this list)

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2012!!




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