(You’ve got to be) The Real Deal

This is a series of posts about getting more clients and building a solid referral base for your private practice.  Thanks for the opportunity to share this information with you; I look forward to helping you bring it to life in your business!  ~ Deb Legge


In order to gain the trust of your referrers and your clients, you must show your world how credible you are.  The stakes are high when people decide who to see or to whom they should refer their loved-one.  A bad referral can result in a bad outcome, and referrers know that all too well.

That’s why it is critical to pave the way for your referrers to feel confident about sending their patients/clients/students/congregation members.  It’s imperative that your prospective clients believe they are making the right decision when they choose you.

Credibility is a funny thing.  It can be referent (that is, you can get credit for credibility based on word-of-mouth or based on an association you may have, or dependent on a simple decision like where to place your profile ad).  It can be more direct (resulting from an article you’ve written, a speaking engagement you did, or a great video that you’ve placed on your website).

There are many ways to establish your credibility.  Here are a few ideas to add to your list:

  • Be professional in all you say and do (if you send me an email from your KittyLover@domain.net — and you’re not trying to send me supplies for my cat — I’m probably not going to reply to you)
  • Make sure your website and printed materials are top-shelf, well-written, and edited
  • Do what you say you are going to do — EVERY TIME
  • Provide a high quality of service
  • Always provide value (to your clients and your referrers)
  • Let your target market know that you are an expert in the field (you don’t have to be THE expert; you need to be a dedicated expert)
  • Identify what you want to be known for and make it happen

As you are establishing your credibility make sure you are likable.  You may not think it matters, but it does:

All things being equal, people prefer to do business with people they like. All things being not so equal, people still prefer to do business with people they like. ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

Smile; lead with your heart; allow yourself to be self-actualized in your work and your likability score will likely take off!

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  1. Brian Daly, LPC /Reply


    My Web-Site is “LifeSpan Prescessing” I need inspiration for Markreting.

    Brian Daly, LPC

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Brian – I wish you luck in your business Brian. I hope that you can find support in our Influential Therapist community. If inspiration for marketing is what you need, you will absolutely want to be part of a new program that I’m going to release on January 1. I believe it will give you information, guidance, confidence, and strategies as well as the inspiration you desire. Deb

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